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Monkeypox? The viral disease you have never hear about

What is monkeypox? You may never have heard of this viral disease, but it is important to be aware of it. Monkeypox is a rare disease that is caused by a virus. It was first identified in monkeys, but it can also be found in humans. The symptoms of this

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Lose weight without working out Best Tip

 Everyone knows the famous weight loss mantra: Move more and eat less. And although they are listed together, these two pieces of advice do not need to be treated equally. In fact, it is possible to lose weight without working out. First things first, we are not denying that moderate exercise is

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What protein rich foods to lose weight

We all know that eating protein rich foods is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When we look at the facts, it's easy to see why this is true. Protein is necessary for the maintenance of body tissue and also plays an important role in weight loss and muscle building.

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Adele’s weight loss story. How she did it.

Adele's weight loss story is a perfect example of how one can achieve his/her weight loss goals with the help of a successful diet and exercise. Her own weight loss story was made possible with her healthy lifestyle regimen. In her case, she had to lose 50 pounds and did

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Walking 5 miles a day for weight loss

1. Introduction Walking 5 miles a day for weight loss would be a great way. It strengthens your heart and lungs, builds up your muscles, and helps you sleep better at night. This can be a particularly helpful exercise for people who have trouble with running or jogging because walking

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