Effects of Video Games

Effects of Video Games and Your duties for your child

Effects of video games

Table of contents:

1. Introduction

2. Video games and human motor skills

3. Is playing video games good or bad?

4. Positive effects of playing video games

5. Negative effects of playing video games

6. Has your child got an addiction to video games?

7. Your duties as a parent are to prevent your child from addiction

8. Conclusion

1: Introduction:

Playing video games is such a task that you can see everywhere. Every other child has addicted to screen. It is sometimes helpful and beneficial for their life but sometimes it can be dangerous.

It is a great source of entertainment as well as a distraction from important tasks. In this article, I summed up some positive and negative effects of video games on a gamer.

Video games also affect the brain and cause changes in many regions of the brain. These changes can be positive in some cases and negative in some.

2: Video games and human motor skills:

First of all, we should know about motor skills. What do you mean by motor skills?

It is the ability to manage the process of the body’s movement. There are two types of these skills:

Fine skills

Gross skills

For example: If you are climbing stairs or you are swimming in a pool, you are using your muscles. It refers to gross skills.

In fine skills, your body involves small movements like writing, watching TV, etc.

In short, you can say that your motor skills define how well your body performs the desired function.

3: Is playing a game good or bad?

Excess is bad in everything. This proverb is a good answer to this question. Studies have shown that video games can prove helpful in some ways. They can improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving tasks, and the mind’s ability.

But addiction to video games may cause problems. Playing games every time affects badly to you. A gamer can face mental disturbance when got addicted to video games.

So, the effects of video games can be positive in some ways and negative in some.

4: Positive effects of video games:

Ø Video games help in improving fine motor skills. Video games have great coordination with hands and eyes.

Ø Player learns to manage the coordination of hands and eyes at the same time. It can prove helpful when riding a bike.

Ø Playing video games daily for many hours is not bad actually. Gamers can make better decisions and can act smarter as compared to non-gamers.

Ø Gamers feel no stress because games engage them in enjoying. It results in reducing stress.

Ø A gamer comes up with creative ways to solve problems. Many games, like puzzle games, give hard tasks to solve.

Ø Gamers become mindful of sudden situations and make quick decisions.

Ø Games make players attentive and they concentrate on situations. It gives them the courage to take risks.

5: Negative effects of video games:

  • Gaming addiction affects your mental health. It may cause insomnia, anxiety or aggression etc.
  • A gamer spends many hours in front of screen. So, there is no movement of body and it may cause obesity.
  • A gamer involves in games so much that he cannot feel he is continuously skipping meals.
  • Playing too much video games leads to vision problems. It leads to headaches and poor concentration.
  • A gamer loses interest in other activities like educational and social.
  • Playing too much video games also leads to isolation or social disconnection. It may cause emotional suppression.
  • Gaming addiction has a huge effect on education. Gamer spends most of the time in playing video games and it results in poor academic performance.

6: Has your child got an addiction to video games?

As gaming addiction leads to too many problems, your child may suffer from some disorders. But it is necessary to know about signs that show your child addicted to video games. The effects of video games are actually negative here.

Following are some signs that show your child has got an addiction to video games.

  • He is spending money on activities you don’t know about.
  • He likes to spend time lonely.
  • Games make him moody or irritable.
  • He spends most of his with his online friends.
  • Game addiction make him non-punctual.
  • He is spending most of his time in front of screens.
  • Losing his interest in previous hobbies.
  • He is not getting good grades in academics.
  • He is neglecting his social duties.

7. Your duties as a parent are to prevent your child from addiction

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take immediate action if your child got an addiction to video games. You are the only person who can turn negative effects into positive effects of video games.

Be aware of the activities that the child is doing on the computer or mobile. You can keep an eye on search history. Do not let your child use the screen in privacy.

If your child is spending more time in front of a computer then it is your duty to set boundaries. Evaluate the time and let him know that he is not punctual.

Start spending more time with him and talk about his interests and experiences. Don’t talk formally but a friendly talk can prove better.

Tell your child that it is more important to do well in the real world. Ask him to participate in different activities.

If your child is having a severe addiction to video games then get help from a psychiatrist.

Also, groom the personality of your child.

8: Conclusion:

Hence proved, that effects of video games limit spending time in front of the screen. It is helpful in such a way if your child is not neglecting his other activities. And do not addict to games.

He can perfume better than non-gamers. But in getting addiction, it can lead him to many health problems. It is up to you to help your child to get benefits from playing video games.

Never neglect your duties and always pay attention to your child to gain positive effects of video games.

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