weightlifting for women

Weightlifting for Women helps in Lose Weight?

Weightlifting make you bulky?

According to the researches, if you and especially women are lifting heavy weight then it increases you bulkiness in your body. It is true because when you life a heavyweight then it may increase hypotrophy in your body which causes the increase in the weight of muscles. So if you start dieting and start eating green vegetables then it will help you to release body weight. If you want to release bodyweight then avoid weight lifting for it. But weightlifting for women is so much helpful if you maintain it properly.

Weightlifting helps in weight loss?

As we discuss that weightlifting may increase the bulkiness of your body. But if you lift the weight then it also burns your calories. Burning calories can increase your hunger. And when you have already set a good diet plan then it may help you to lose weight easily and very essential for your healthy life.

Make you leaner

Weightlifting with a proper diet plan may help you to become leaner. If you are fat and want to release your bulk ness from the body then weightlifting is a good activity for you. Because in women, weightlifting may increase your bulkiness but if you start a proper diet plan then weightlifting is a good activity for you. So weightlifting may help you to become leaner.

Make your body strong

It also helps you to make your body strong. As we know that women are mostly less strong than a man. A few problems may hurt them. Which help bad man to put pressure on them. So strong women can survive in this world more easily than weak women. If you want to become a stronger woman then weightlifting is best for you. It helps your muscles to be strong. So weightlifting also help you to maintain your physical health.

Chronic diseases low risk

When you start weightlifting then it also increases your immunity system because when you set a proper diet then it helps your body to be strong and you can fight a lot of chronic diseases.

The weight lifting is also to reduce the risk of the some diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and the some diseases at the old age like muscles mass. Also, the cardo and the weight training together is more beneficial for heart disease and increase the capacity of metabolism. So, the weightlifting helps is weight loss but it’s also protect you from the some diseases.

Schedule of how to start

Now if you are starting weightlifting then you must have a proper time schedule that helps you to maintain your timing.

This is the first step to start a proper workout for you. If you set a timetable and start working on it then slowly you become adjusted in your time and then you will enjoy this workout.

Weightlifting routine for 1 week

For women, there is a restriction when they start weightlifting. It is because there are some hormones in her body that may be affected by weight lifting.

So by some searches, there should be a minimum of 2-3 days per week, women can do workouts to maintain her body. If you will do less than these days then there will be no effect on your body.

Here is the routine per week for workout:

  1. CHEST DAY. WEIGHTS Flat Barbell Bench Press, 3 sets of 10.
  2. BACK DAY. Seated Cable Row, 3 sets of 10. Seated Lat Pull Down, 3 sets of 10
  3. SHOULDER DAY. Seated Dumbbell Military Press, 3 sets of 10. …
  4. LEG DAY. Leg Press Machine, 3 sets of 10.

After this routine you can maintain your body fats with proper diet.


When you start weightlifting then proteins and carbs are your best friends. If you manage these with proper weightlifting then you will enjoy a proper and healthy life. As, we discuss in the above section that exercise helps you in weight loss if you have a good diet plan. Only doing workouts did not work a lot for burning fat but with a good plan of meal will boost you towards your goal of weight loss.

The most important thing that you need to take care for making the diet plan is research of diet. You have also the research that the meal you are taking is beneficial or not like how much fats it burn or proteins and many more.

Choose right style for weight loos

As you know there are many types of workouts for weight loss like the weight lifting has many styles. So, you have to be careful while choosing the best way to do the workout. Also, you know that the weight lifting helps a lot in weight loss but this will happens only if you choose a right track of all things.
So, also invest time in research what to do for loss weight by doing the workouts.

Pick quality not quantity

When we start weightlifting for weight loss it’s common that we have a great motivation of doing it according to our plan. But, if the low quality of workout /weightlifting style adds in your plan which are all about the long exercises then its break you and your motivation. So, choose quality workouts then the quantity. The quality in your plane helps in accomplishment of your tasks and at the end you will reach to your Goal successfully.


If you are looking for weight loss through supplements or by using the best products then there are lot of products that you can use according to the condition of your body. Helpweightoff is also offering some weight loss products that help you in losing weight successfully. Also, there are many other plans with supplements you can follow for weight loss and the top of the list is the Keto plan.

Final words

Weightlifting for women helps in weight loss if you follow the right track. Make a good plan and loss your fat. Also, diet, workouts and weight lifting burn the calories but only doing weightlifting is not help a lot.

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