Victim of a road accident

Victim of a road accident: farewell to 24-year-old Riccardo on Saturday

Victim of a road accident: tomorrow (Saturday 11 March 2023) the last farewell to 24-year-old Riccardo Scalvinoni.

No autopsy

The accident occurred the day before yesterday (Wednesday 8 March 2023), the judiciary gave the clearance for the burial: no autopsy will be performed. The body rests in the Sala del commiato Panighetti in Esine. Tomorrow the funeral is at 16.30 in the parish church of Berzo Inferiore.

His mother Rosina and father Franco, his brother Donato, his sister Alessia, his uncles, and cousins ​​mourn him.

Victim of a road accident

From the first reconstructions it seems that, at the origin of the accident, there was the high speed with which he faced an excessively risky maneuver, an overtaking of a tractor which cost him his life. The car in fact overturned on itself: Riccardo, born and raised in Berzo, died instantly. In fact, the rescue services that arrived on the spot were of no use, in addition to the ambulance and the self-medicator, even the air ambulance to take off from Sondrio.

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The friend who was traveling with him raised the alarm

Riccardo was not alone: ​​with him, in the passenger seat, a friend, also 24 years old, who was unharmed. It was he who raised the alarm once he got out of the vehicle independently. Physically unharmed but mentally, as you can imagine, in shock enough to require hospitalization. Dramatic moments: it all happened while the other rescuers present on the spot were engaged in a desperate attempt to revive their friend.

In a short time, the news went around the town, and the attention of the residents had in fact been attracted by the sound of the sirens: unfortunately the news that no one ever wanted to hear. The young Riccardo was well known, as was his family. And in the face of tragedies of this type, there is only one reflection: he can’t die at 24.

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