Andrea da Coccaglio at the final of The Voice Kids

Andrea da Coccaglio at the final of The Voice Kids

The 12-year-old, teamed up with Gigi D’Alessio, will perform tonight on Rai 1 and will also sing with the guest, our local Mr. Rain

The final of The Voice Kids, the children’s version of the talent show hosted by Antonella Clerici, is scheduled for this evening, Saturday 11 March. Andrea Galliano, from Coccaglio, will also compete, while Mr. Rain from Brescia will be the guest of the evening.

Andrea da Coccaglio at the final of The Voice Kids

The first time he took the stage with his infinite sweetness, an exceptional natural vibrato, and a voice capable of striking directly to the heart, earning a lot of applause and compliments. Andrea Galiano, 12 years old from Coccaglio’s home, is one of the 12 very young “golden throats” from all over Italy competing in the first edition of The Voice Kids, the Rai singing talent show, under the wing of his vocal coach, none other than the singer Gigi D’Alessio.

He likes football, and studying, is a Rubick’s cube wizard and when he grows up he would like to become a surgeon “to save lives”. But of course, whatever road he takes in the future, music will always find space in Andrea’s life.

final of The Voice Kids

When I was little I saw my dad playing the guitar and singing karaoke, so I asked him if I could sing along: that’s where the passion was born,

he told the cameras of the format.

A love that strengthened in 2021, when to ease the pain of the loss of his grandparents he had found refuge in music. One song in particular, “La Notte” by Arisa. A profound song, which intertwines pain and hope, which she interpreted in her own way, passing the blind audition with flying colors and deservedly entering the program’s shortlist. Nobody remained indifferent. All the judges (in addition to D’Alessio also Loredana Bertè, Clementino, and the duo of I Ricchi e Poveri) pressed the infamous button to put a face to the exciting voice that was conquering all the studios in Milan. Faced with four open doors, Andrea Galiano chose to continue in the Neapolitan singer-songwriter’s team, who did not fail to compliment him on his excellent performance. Already known in Franciacorta for having won the junior section of the Rovato Festival in 2022, now a new adventure begins for Andrea. The appointment is for tomorrow, Saturday with the second and final episode of The Voice Kids 2023. All that remains is to cross your fingers.

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The final

The Voice Kids is the program that rewards the most beautiful voices in the country between the ages of 7 and 14. Together with the four coaches (Loredana Bertè, Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino, and the Ricchi e Poveri) the presenter Antonella Clerici will accompany the final which will be broadcast tonight, Saturday, at 21.25 on Rai 1. Super guest of the evening Mr. Rain from Brescia, third classified at the last Sanremo Festival, will perform at the opening of the program accompanied by the twelve young competitors remaining in the competition, including Galiano.

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