two accidents in a few minutes

Fiery morning: two accidents in a few minutes between Rodengo and Gussago

There were heavy repercussions on the northbound road system due to the slowed-down traffic

Fiery morning on the roads between Rodengo Saiano and Gussago. Both occurred in the late morning of today (Tuesday 14 March 2023) around 12 on the Corde Molle between Rodengo Saiano and Gussago.

A fiery morning on the Brescian roads: two accidents at close range

Going in chronological order, the first occurred in a tunnel, on the Sp19 not far from the Ronco di Gussago junction. Two cars collided, one of which ended up slamming into the guardrail. Three people were injured: a 57-year-old woman and two boys aged 24 and 25 respectively. Fortunately, no one suffered serious consequences. The exact dynamics of the accident, which is currently being examined by the local police, still need to be clarified in detail.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the repercussions on the road network towards the north were heavy due to the slowed-down traffic.

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The second left is still on Sp19

In Rodengo Saiano, on the other hand, the second accident occurred, again on the Sp 19: also in this case, as reported by Areu (Regional Emergency Emergency Agency) the alarm went off in yellow code. Two cars collide. Also in this case the exact dynamics of the accident are not known. It is not excluded that this second accident occurred due to the queues that formed after the first accident.

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