Rabarama's work

Strip the News in Brescia: nobody knows what Rabarama’s work represents

Positioned in front of the Skyline 18

Strip the News in Brescia

For the column “Enigmarte – art to be deciphered” by Chiara Squaglia in the episode of Monday 13 March 2023, the protagonist was the work of art positioned in front of Skyline 18 not far from the Freccia Rossa shopping center.

The sculpture of Rabarama

It is the Transcalare work of the internationally renowned Roman sculptor Rabarama: the correspondent of the well-known satirical program asked passers-by what they thought it represented but no one could give a correct answer.

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What it actually represents

These four figures are held harmoniously together until they compose half of an arc. On the surface of their bodies, colored jigsaw pieces are the outward representation of the inner emotions experienced by each individual.

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