These are the exams for the pilot test of the new selectivity

Complete the blank spaces of a drawing, following the same structure, tone, and texture; prepare an argumentative text in English or fill in gaps in sentences; or solve mathematical questions about the Ricardo Tormo circuit plan, from Xest. These are some examples of the new selectivity exercises, which six Catalan institutes, fifty in the State as a whole, rehearsed this Tuesday. 

First-year high school students have participated in a pilot test to evaluate the design of the same exam. There will be no assessment of the students, but their opinion on the structure and development of the test will be heard.

Specialized teachers will correct the exams, with the intention that an analysis will emerge from this that will allow setting some correction criteria and that the institutes will have exam models for 2024, which is when the new, more competitive selectivity will be launched and therefore less memorable. 

Students who are now taking first will be the first to be tested on the new model. 

Communities such as Madrid or the Basque Country have declined to be part of the trial. Catalonia is the autonomous region that contributed the most centers to the trial, six in total, with 150 students.

Catalan students have been examined in a foreign language (English) and in artistic drawing or mathematics.

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Within the pilot test, Spanish language and literature, philosophy, or Latin tests have also been distributed, according to the center and the itinerary followed. 

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