Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis reappears in a family video on his birthday

The family of Bruce Willis has released a video of the actor on the occasion of his birthday. The well-known performer of “Crystal Jungle”, diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, blew out the candles this Sunday to celebrate his 68th birthday

It was a happy moment, as the pictures show, in which Willis appears happy, singing, and surrounded by family

The video of the moment was shared by his ex-wife, the actress Demi Moore, who has always stood by her partner for 13 years.

Willis’ current partner, businesswoman Emma Hemming, has also shared a video on social media on the occasion of the anniversary. In this case, the actor does not appear, but she explains the conflicting feelings she has, for the love she receives from her family and the grief she is going through due to the diagnosis of a disease for which there is no cure and which disrupts the person, who may have behavioral disturbances and difficulties with language. 

“Today is one of those days of feeling sorrow and sadness. But the other side of the coin is that I am lucky to feel the warmth and love towards my husband and our family,” she says in a post on Instagram.

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Hemming is grateful for the support and explains that he wanted to share these emotions with people and that he has no choice but to be strong

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