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Escapes for 960 thousand euros: Brescia-based construction company in trouble

Tax evasion occurred through the issuance and use of false invoices and the undue compensation of non-existent VAT credits

Evade for 960 thousand euros

The Prosecutor of the Republic of Pavia has ordered a seizure against a Brescia-based construction company for over 960 thousand euros. A sum that is equivalent to the VAT evaded. The discovery was made by the Guardia di Finanza of Pavia at the end of an articulated economic-financial police activity.

Tax evasion took place through the issue and use of false invoices and the undue compensation of non-existent VAT credits: the company in question did not pay the tax authorities the value-added tax of approximately one million euros.

The investigations allowed the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pavia to request the preventive seizure of cash, buildings, and vehicles in the possession of the Brescia-based company and the administrator for a value of over 960 thousand euros. As reported by PrimaPavia, the GIP at the Court of Pavia then issued the seizure decree executed, on delegation from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, by the Guardia di Finanza of Pavia.

Rebuilt the entire business cycle

The Group of the Guardia di Finanza of Pavia carried out a tax audit against the aforementioned Pavia company and demonstrated that it was a mere “empty box” set up for the sole purpose of issuing false invoices, then analyzed the scant accounting documentation found reviewed the company’s accounts and reconstructed all commercial relations with the Brescia-based construction company. The financiers managed to reconstruct the entire business cycle.

The mode

The investigations made it possible to certify how the commercial operations carried out between the company based in Pavia and the Brescia-based company in the tax years 2020 and 2021 had taken place through the issue and use of false invoices, thus allowing for millionaire tax evasion ( total amount of the taxable amount of false invoices issued 2,669,380 euros and used 2,546,406 euros).

Complaints start

The directors of the companies (both limited liability companies) were therefore reported to the Pavia Judicial Authority for issuing and using invoices for non-existent transactions and the legal representative of the Brescia company was also reported to the Public Prosecutor of Pavia for having illegally compensated totally non-existent VAT credits for 431,433 euros

The advantages of the Brescia-based construction company

What was carried out by the Guardia di Finanza group made it possible to bring to light a substantial turnover which, through undue tax savings, allowed the Brescia-based construction company to obtain an unfair competitive advantage to the detriment of honest companies operating in the same sector.

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Part of a larger control system

The operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Pavia is part of a broad system of economic control of the territory carried out throughout the province which aims to limit the distorting effects of competition and the market caused by large-scale tax evasion.

It should be noted that the criminal proceedings still concern the preliminary investigation phase and that the responsibility of the suspects will be definitively ascertained only in the event of an irrevocable sentence of conviction.

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