277 municipalities at very high risk of fire and with restrictions: consult the list

In total, 2,400 activities planned for this Sunday have been canceled because they could cause fires, according to Civil Protection

Weather conditions have increased the risk of fire. This Saturday there were 18 counties with high or very high risk, especially in the center and south of Catalonia, and on Sunday it will be extended to 31 counties, from midnight. Almost all of Catalonia is affected on Sunday by level 2 of the Alfa plan, established by the Rural Agents for extreme vigilance and prevention, due to the danger of forest fire.

This means that all activities that could pose a risk to 277 municipalities in 25 counties have been suspended. In total, 2,400 planned activities have been canceled, from agricultural cremations to trousseaus, because they could lead to a fire.

The body of Rural Agents reminds us that it is absolutely forbidden to make fire and appeals to be especially careful in activities in the natural environment.

The possibility of lighting a fire, carrying out sports activities, forestry work or agricultural activities, and the use of barbecues in the existing leisure areas are affected by level 2 of risk.

The regions with the most municipalities in a situation of a very high or extreme risk of forest fires are Baix Llobregat (25 municipalities), Anoia (22), and Baix Camp (20).

The levels of the Alpha plan

The risk of fires is established in the Alfa plan, which foresees a scale of levels from 0 to 3, for each region. The activation of each level, which is decided daily by the general management of the Rural Agents, involves a degree of mobilization of the cash and certain preventive actions.

This Sunday the risk is more moderate, at level 1 of the Alfa plan, in the counties that are towards the Pyrenees: Vall d’Aran, Alta Ribagor├ža, Pallars Sobir├á, Cerdanya, Ripoll├Ęs, Garrotxa, and Selva.

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon is predicted to be the time of the most widespread danger, according to the report from the Department of Climate Action, Food, and Rural Agenda. A westerly wind is expected on Sunday morning, which will turn to the northwest during the afternoon and finally to the north on Monday.

The high temperature at the time and the entry of the west wind will produce a sudden drop in the relative humidity, which can become very low in almost the entire territory, with the exception of the northeastern areas of the country.

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