A tornado leaves at least 25 dead and dozens injured in Mississippi

The tornado, accompanied by storms with a strong electrical charge, swept a line of more than 160 kilometers

At least 25 people have died and dozens are injured after the passage of a tornado and strong electrical storms that have swept through rural areas in the western state of Mississippi, in the United States. The four people who were missing have been found.

The tornado destroyed thousands of homes in Sharkey and Humphreys counties.

The epicenter of the destruction is located in the town of Rolling Fork, in Sharkey County. The former mayor of the town has assured that “a large part of the city has disappeared”.

The Sharkey Sheriff’s Department’s office reports that there are also numerous gas leaks due to the tornado damaging the lines and they are working to search for the bodies of people who are trapped under the debris of the collapsed buildings.

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According to the state’s emergency management agency, the tornado left a trail of destruction for more than 160 kilometers.

In addition to the homes that have been completely destroyed, there are 100,000 without power in Mississippi as well as in the states of Alabama and Tennessee.

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