22 days after the cyber attack

22 days after the cyber attack, the Clinic is still working to normalize the service

It is expected to be back to work with all services at 100% this week

The people who had to go to the Hospital Clínic these days are still feeling the effects of the cyberattack of March 5. 22 days have passed, but the center continues to work to normalize all systems.

Most of the hospital’s activities are now normalized, but there are still some that are not completely fixed. The ones that affect users the most are the waiting room queue manager and the electronic prescription. It is expected that they will start again this week.

The hospital estimates that the system will work at 40% this Monday and during the week it will reach 100%.

During these days, the patients who could not attend have been notified and they will be contacted to reschedule the extractions they had planned.

The e-appointment flyer system with patients should also start working as usual. A message will be added stating: “Hospital Clínic will under no circumstances request information about your access keys by email.” 

What happened to the data?

The government claims that it has not paid the 4.5 million euros that the cybercriminals asked them to recover the system. The question is now where the stolen data can end up. The head of the Mossos d’Esquadra’s General Commissariat for Criminal Investigation, Ramon Chacon, acknowledged shortly after the attack that the probability of the data being published is “high”.

The Mossos have been doing cyber patrols for days to try to find the data before it is published or sold and if it ends up being leaked, to delete it quickly.

They are also investigating to identify those responsible for the attack, arrest them, and bring them to justice, although he has acknowledged that these are very complex attacks and that the criminals move from country to country.

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The hospital will not request data from patients

The Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia reminds us that the hospital has not lost any data and, therefore, will not call or send messages to patients to recover them. Thus, he warned, if someone receives any communication in which data is requested with the excuse of the attack, it will be false.

He has also warned the public that some of the data that has been stolen may be “of a personal nature” and that they should be alert to possible messages asking for money through fictitious situations.

The Agency recommends making appropriate checks on the authenticity of any kind of message before giving money or personal data.

Just these days, the Mossos have issued an alert for a scam that asks for money for a child with problems.

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