Criticism of Revilla for singing

Criticism of Revilla for singing without a mask in a hospital in Cantabria

The Cantabrian president, fond of singing, wanted to cheer up a patient who was admitted there

The president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, must appear in Parliament today to give explanations about the allegedly irregular contracts of the Ministry of Public Works.

This weekend, however, he has been surrounded by controversy for a very different matter: his love of singing.

The images show Revilla in a hospital room, singing Benito Díaz’s “Adiós pueblo de Carmona” to a patient to cheer her up.

The woman, however, does not seem to react to this gesture of the Cantabrian president, who has been criticized for wanting to win votes with a person admitted to a hospital, and also for doing so without a mask, contravening the rules of health centers. In fact, while singing, Revilla holds a mask in his left hand.

Revilla was already controversial, during the pandemic, when he was seen in a restaurant eating and smoking at a time when the restrictions did not allow him to do so.

Aside from criticism, Revilla’s hospital performance has generated several memes on the networks.

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Hymns, carols, and love songs

It’s also not the first time that Revilla has been in the news for exposing her singing skills in public.

Six years ago he sang in the program “El hormiguero”, accompanied on guitar by Pablo Motos, “Viento del Norte”, by Nando Agüeros, a hymn to Cantabria, although not the official hymn of the community, the “Hymno a la montaña”, by Juan Guerrero Urreisti, as some users reproached him on the networks.

In 2019, Revilla closed the institutional Christmas message by singing a carol, not alone, in a simple way, but accompanied by an orchestra and a choir, from the Torrelavega conservatory.

This January, again in “El hormiguero”, Revilla offered his most emotional moment by singing a song to his wife, Aurora, who had undergone cancer surgery.

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