AVE broken down

An AVE broken down in a Sants tunnel leaves 94 passengers trapped for two hours

Renfe has sent a train to join the damaged convoy and move it away from Sants

An AVE train with 94 passengers on board broke down this Monday evening at the entrance to Sants station in Barcelona. The passengers have spent two hours trapped inside the convoy.

The train had left Figueres-Vilafant station at 7.35 pm and a mechanical breakdown caused it to stop in Sants at around half past nine in the evening.

Shortly before ten o’clock at night, Renfe sent a convoy to Sants to join the damaged train and move it away from Sants. Around half past eleven, the damaged train was parked on the Rodalies tracks and the passengers were able to get off.

Renfe will accommodate the five passengers who had to continue their journey from Barcelona in a hotel. This Tuesday they will be able to continue their journey to their destination.

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High speed traffic cut off

The incident forced high-speed traffic to be cut off in Sants in both directions until the damaged convoy was removed.

Civil Protection has activated the Ferrocat plan in the pre-alert phase and deactivated it after half past nine in the evening. 

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