Ana Obreg贸n, mother of a girl through surrogacy

Ana Obreg贸n, mother of a girl through surrogacy

Ana Obreg贸n has been the mother of a girl by surrogacy, according to an exclusive report by the magazine 隆Hola!, which publishes some images in which the actress is seen holding the little girl in her arms.

According to the magazine, which advanced the exclusive on Tuesday night – hours before it hits the newsstands – it was March 16 when Ana Obreg贸n took a flight to Miami alone, since, always according to the same publication, would have kept the process secret.

The little girl would have been born on March 20 at the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, where the presenter was photographed two days later leaving there in a wheelchair (by center protocol) with the baby in her arms and accompanied by a nurse throughout. moment.聽

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Obreg贸n, 68, lost his son Aless Lequio in 2020 when he died at the age of 27 from cancer. Since then, she has been in deep pain, as she herself has recounted on numerous occasions.

The presenter will thus begin a new stage. For the moment, she will do it in an apartment that she has rented in the same city with views of the sea.

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