Skiing in the summer? A historic snowfall extends the season of California resorts

The disturbances have left the most important thicknesses in 80 years, up to 20 meters, and those responsible for the stations are already talking about opening until July

“Much of California has a Mediterranean-like climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, and with snow that tends to blanket the mountains from November to March, and some seasons open until April or beyond.”

This is the explanation offered by the official tourism page of California, but maybe this year they will have to point out that you can also ski in the summer.

And it is that, after the historic snowfalls of these last few days, the ski resorts in the center and north of this North American state already assume that they will be able to open even in July.


This is the most important snow thickness since there are records, now 80 years ago, and the reason is the train of active disturbances that have entered from the Pacific since Christmas and that in some places have left a layer of snow three times larger than normal.

Mammoth Mountain, in the eastern Sierra Nevada, is one of the resorts that is already talking about extending the calendar: it officially recorded the season with the most snow, with 17.8 meters in the accommodation areas  (with some houses completely buried) and 22.4 meters at the top.

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“We’re going to have the best spring skiing we’ve ever seen,” the station’s communications director told The Washington Post.


They usually open at least until the end of May, but now they are planning to extend it until the end of July. This hasn’t happened since 2017 when they opened until early August. Last year, at the beginning of June they had to put up the closed sign.

They will also extend the season at Palisades Tahoe, which last year closed at the end of May and now expects to be able to last until the beginning of July. “The amount of snow we’ve had this year is crazy,” explains their spokesman.

In addition, weather forecasts for California herald the arrival of a new disturbance early next week, with more rain and snow at lower elevations.

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