Tarragona is among the 20 best cities in the world to visit during Holy Week

The travel magazine Travelmag highlights the city as one of the most interesting points these days, alongside Italy or the Philippines

Tarragona is one of the 20 best cities in the world to experience Easter and spring. This is established, at least, by the ranking made by the travel magazine Travelmag.

The armed procession is the key element that the publication has valued. They say that the historic and unique nature of the Royal and Venerable Congregation of the Purest Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ makes the city worthy of this recognition.

The recovery of the Roman past is one of the hallmarks of the Procession of the Holy Burial, on Good Friday in which the armed men retrace the steps of Christ’s passion and death. According to Tarragona City Council, there are references to it since  1550.

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The soldiers make a tour through different parts of the city in a solemn and ancient tradition. The retinue is headed by Captain Manaies, 32 armed, half a dozen drums and trumpets, which form a Roman cohort.

Altogether, anticipate the start of the procession that starts at Plaça del Rei and travels through the historic center to reach the Eixample. Nineteen steps take part in the parade, most carried on the shoulder and belonging to the eleven entities that are part of the Group.

The Generalitat declared the procession a Traditional Festival of National Interest.

Other celebrations that Travelmag highlights are Holy Week in San Fernando, in the Philippines, where crucifixions are recreated in the Maleldo. The fireworks at the Scoppio del Carro in Florence, Italy, are another recommendation.

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