An illegal rave

An illegal “rave” brings together a hundred people in Sant Jordi Desvalls

The Mossos control access to the illegal party, which takes place in an old sandpit

A call alerted the Mossos d’Esquadra this Friday morning that there was a “rave” in the Girona municipality of Sant Jordi Desvalls.

Between 80 and 100 people participate in the illegal party, where the police counted around forty vehicles. 

According to the Mossos, the participants have a peaceful attitude and are located in an area of ​​difficult access away from the urban core, in an old sandbar. 

The police, who received the warning at five in the morning, is not considering an eviction for now.

Sant Jordi Desvalls has less than 900 inhabitants and belongs to the region of Gironès, on the border with Baix Empordà

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