hospital fire in Beijing

29 people die in a hospital fire in Beijing and the director is arrested

Most of the dead are patients, the fire started because of some work that was being done there and a total of 12 people have been arrested

At least 29 people have died in the fire that took place this Tuesday in a hospital in Beijing, the capital of China, 26 of whom were patients.

The fire happened at Changfeng Hospital, located in the southeast of Beijing, which is a private center founded in 1985 specializing in the treatment of vascular diseases.

According to local media reports, the fire was put out in half an hour, but this speed did not prevent a high death toll, which was initially 21 and then rose to 29.

fire in Beijing

Images recorded by neighbors have been circulated on social networks showing many people at the hospital windows trying to get out and even climbing down using ropes made of tied sheets.

The fire started in a wing of the building where the critical patients were, and the emergency services evacuated more than 70 people to other hospitals.

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According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the fire originated in the works that were being carried out inside the building, which generated sparks that ignited combustible materials.

The Beijing authorities have promptly created a special commission to investigate the fire and establish any responsibilities.

Citing official sources, Global Times has said that police have already arrested twelve people, including the director of the hospital and those responsible for the works.

This newspaper also said that the average age of the dead is around 70 years old and that the three victims who were not patients were a family member, a nurse, and a carer.

hospital fire

According to the Reuters agency, critical messages about the fire have been published on the WeChat application, China’s equivalent of WhatsApp, which have since been deleted or censored.

One of the reports criticized that the hospital had boasted in February of being very well prepared against fires.

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