Laura Borràs

The Parliament will present allegations to the JEC against the withdrawal of the seat to Laura Borràs

The Bureau of Parliament has agreed this Tuesday to entrust the legal services of the Catalan Chamber with the drafting of allegations to the notification of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) about the withdrawal of the seat to the suspended president of the Chamber and leader of Junts, Laura Borràs, after having been sentenced for prevarication and documentary falsification, according to parliamentary sources.

The Parliament received the official notification from the JEC last Friday , which gave 10 days – which end on the 28th – to the Catalan Chamber to inform the measures it takes to withdraw the act from Borràs.

According to the same sources, the Board has agreed, with the vote against the PSC, to order the allegations to oppose the interference of the JEC and defend the Regulations of the Parliament, which does not contemplate the withdrawal of the seat until there is no final sentence. .

Borràs was sentenced by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) for dividing contracts when she directed the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC) and she can still appeal the sentence , which is therefore not final.

The same sources have explained that the members of the PSC in the Roundtable have voted against the allegations because there are already two rulings of the Supreme Court (TS) in the cases of former president Quim Torra and the deputy Pau Juvillà that agree with the JEC .

Cs regrets that Parliament presents allegations

“We regret that fiction and grotesque continue and allegations are presented instead of assuming reality, the force of reason, and the force of the rule of law,” said Martín Blanco, spokesman for Cs in Parliament.

The parliamentary spokesman has said that what is sought is to “continue making the partridge dizzy” and continue “with insecurity and interim ” in the institution. 

Along the same lines, he remarked that in the next plenary session, Borràs would not have to have the status of the suspended president but would no longer have to be because “she cannot continue for another minute as a deputy.”

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PSC proposal to reform the regulation

On the other hand, the Board has accepted for processing an amendment to the entire Junts to the proposal to reform the Regulation of the PSC, which seeks to modify it to detail “in what cases and in what way” the Chamber can dismiss the members of the Parliament table – including its president – and the commission tables.

Likewise, according to the same sources, the Board has rejected the reconsideration presented by Vox on the ERC and CUP Bill to limit hate speech in Parliament , incorporate telematic voting in exceptional situations and expand the assumptions of delegation of vote.

The body of the Catalan Chamber has also processed on Tuesday the four extraordinary urgency procedures on the assignments of the former presidents , one from the PSC, one from the communes and two from Cs.

Finally, the Bureau has dealt with, without reaching a new agreement, the appeal of the PSC with which it annulled the agreements of the Parliamentary Bureau that, in July 2022, maintained the delegation of the vote of former Minister Lluís Puig.

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